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I always ask my clients to be so kind and take a moment to write a few words on their experience working with Jason DeSomer Photography.  Here are some of the testimonials of the fine people I've had the opportunity to photograph.

“I have had multiple shoots with Jason DeSomer Photography. Working with Jason has completely changed my attitude and views of posing for a camera. I’m a costumer/cosplayer and photography is a very important process for showcasing my work. Before working with Jason, my previous session with other photographers were very cold and uncomfortable, making modeling not the most pleasant experience. Jason made sure to break that ice by always keeping the vibe of the shoot and conversation fun and lighthearted rather then seeming like a chore. He always helps me by suggesting ways to make my poses more dynamic and is open to trying different approaches to getting the right picture. He has helped make the images in my head become a reality and is the best photographer I’ve ever worked with!” ~Nikki J.
“Jason’s photography is one of a kind. It’s not just the photos that are unique and inspiring; it’s the photographer’s method in working with his models that makes all the difference. Jason knows how to balance his own vision of the photo with that of his model’s while keeping the environment, angles and lighting in mind. He works to give his models and subjects the best photo possible, and he always succeeds.” ~Twin Fools
“I think you’re not only a creative, fun, and great photographer, but person as well. You set a relaxed environment and produce amazing pictures.I have really enjoyed working with you so far, and hope to do it again reeeeal soon.”

~Samantha W.
“Jason DeSomer Photography reached above and beyond in regards to my event. Despite his unconventional and (endearingly) eclectic appearance, Mr. DeSomer’s professional attitude and commitment was only surpassed by his creative talent. Jason was able to capture the life and energy of my event in a way that not many professionals in his field are capable of. I am very satisfied with the final product, and hope to work with Jason DeSomer Photography again soon!” ~Jonathon H.
“I was lucky enough to work with Jason ten years ago at an internship. We would use one another as models & had a lot of fun while learning! Jason is a very artistic individual with crazy off the wall- out of the ordinary ideas! That’s what makes him who he is & his photography what it is! His unique style brings something different to the table that is hard to find!”

~Breeauna I.
“Jason was great to work with, both online and in person. He was great at directing me on different poses and tried various angles to get the best shot possible. The pictures, both edited and non-edited, were amazing, and I look forward to getting to do another photoshoot with Jason!”

~Katie B.
“I haven’t had any actual photo shoots with Jason DeSomer Photography BUT I have been at outtings and experienced the love of their cameras.  The photographers are always ready to “capture a moment” and are great at working with the individual to get the best out of their pictures.They are great at turning everyday items like a bowl of M&M’s into a piece of art and can make even the most not photogenic person look amazing! Jason pretty much rocks my socks!  ”

~Alex A.
“Jason is a fantastic photographer! I’m very inexperienced with modeling and was admittedly very nervous to shoot at first, but he was totally cool with it. In no time I felt a hundred times more comfortable and had a lot of fun. Looking back on all the photos he took of me, I feel a crazy amount of extra confidence and I would definitely shoot with him again! When shooting with Jason DeSomer Photography, it’s like having an awesome time with a friend with the bonus of super sweet photos.”

~Kitty H.
” Professional, personable, creative and fun- an awesome combination  I can’t say enough about Jason DeSomer Photography…and that’s saying a lot.” ~Jamee H.


"Jason is a fantastic photographer.  I had seen his photos of a lot of my friends and thought "I need to work with this guy."  I was extremely pleased during the shoot, he did his best to make my friend and I look good with our poses, he knows how to move a body to make it look it's best.  It was a very fun photo shoot and the photos I got back were absolutely fantastic.

Highly recommended, great work, and great to work with.  I can't wait to shoot with him again ^.^"

~Samantha A.


"I needed photos on very short notice for applications for my residency program.  Jason was able to fit me in the same day.  As many people have said he knows modeling well, so you don't need to know anything.  He was amazing at setting up different shots, angles, poses, locations, and outfits.  I also really appreciated that he stopped every once in awhile to let me look through the photos on the camera so that I could give instant feedback if there was something I wanted more of or something I wanted different.  The shots were all amazing.  I was extremely happy with the outcome.  He is such an expert and an artist behind the camera.  He produces magic.  Every shot of me I felt captured me perfectly and made me look very professional at the same time.  Prices were very reasonable as well.  Highly recommend him if you need professional photos done, he knows his stuff.  Cannot recommend him enough!"

~Shelli F.


"I worked with Jason for the first time this spring after admiring his work for the longest time.  Jason takes photos that make the model look amazing as well as the surroundings, All the photos were crisp and clean and were just beautiful.
I'd recommend Jason for any of your photography needs."

~Hayley E.


"To get right to the point, Jason DeSomer Photography creates stunning images.

Jason combines a natural eye for pleasing aesthetics with a solid understanding and talent for manipulating the technical aspects of his art.  He's flexible and excited about creating the pictures YOU want in the environment you choose.

I'm a new writer, with my first story heading for publication this year.  I needed portraits for marketing, and I wanted those images to suit a variety of purposes.  I left the session with options ranging from traditional to whimsical, from casual to playful.  In short, exactly what I was looking for.  Through the entire time, Jason maintained a friendly, professional demeanor that had me feeling entirely confident and at ease.

A fabulous experience, with exceptional results.  Jason will create the pictures you want."

~Jenevive D.


“Working with Jason DeSomer Photography has been an amazing experience. When I had my first shoot with Jason I was a new model who was wanting to stretch my boundaries. Obviously at the beginning I was nervous but within 15 minutes I was extremely comfortable. The photos turned out really well and I have been using some of them for my portfolio.”
~Mercadez S.
“What’s it like working with Jason DeSomer photography? i’ll tell you, it’s awesome! Jason makes you feel comfortable and is very easy going. He has good ideas and knows what looks good. One of my favorite things is he shows you your progress throughout the shoot so you can critique yourself and learn whats working and whats not. i find that very helpful. I personally like the style of his photography and have a blast shooting with him. two thumbs up and 10 gold stars.”
~Sydney H.
“Such beautiful work ♥”

~Kourtney M.
“Jason and Ashley were fantastic. I have to admit I was a bit nervous but they both were so professional and so much fun it make the entire session feel relaxed and completely eased my nerves. I had a wonderful experience, with two equally wonderful photographers.”
~Gina D.
“I had a great shoot with Jason! It was easy for me to get comfortable with him and the shoot turned out to be a lot of fun. The response to the photos he took was fantastic. People, along with myself, really loved them a lot. I look forward to doing another shoot with Jason sometime in the future!”
~Rachel S.
“working with jason desomer photography was a great experience. very mellow and comfortable, i am very satisfied with my new promotional pics, and finally feel comfortable sending head shots with my portfolio. thanks for everything guys!”
~Johnny Smith - Tattoo Artist
“Working with Jason DeSomer photography was such an amazing experience. Jason was very polite an had great advice on modeling. I’d deffinetly do it again. He was never awkward or made you feel pressured to do anything you didn’t want to. All the photos turned out just so wonderful! It will be an experience I’ll never forget.”
~Cassandra “Tails” F.
“Shooting with Jason was a extremely fun and educating experience. I felt totally laid back and able to be myself which I feel shows through in the photo’s from our shoot! Jason is very talented and has a passion for what he does, I would reccomend him to anyone who wants quality photo’s that will make them smile every time they look at them!”
~Molly M.
“I worked with Jason not long ago for a cosplay photoshoot. Not only did he come to an area that was convenient for me (I was low on gas), but he was an absolute blast to work with. The shoot itself was extremely cold, but thanks to his company and the results, it was well worth the time we put into it… and I wish I had stuck out the bad weather longer. I just wanted to say thank you to Jason for the phenomenal work- because I’ve never had a better set of photos taken for me- in, or out of cosplay.”
~Miss Sinister Cosplay – Tracie G.
“Jason DeSomer Photography is by far one of the most creative and cutting edge photographers around. Not only can he capture the best light in every picture and all the exciting moments, they are really awesome to work with. If you want something unique, you got to give Jason a call today!!!”
~Hope Caster AKA DJ Hope


"Jason was everything I was looking for in a photographer, and more! 

I was searching for a photographer online and Jason's work stood out to me because he has an eye for great camera angles and subject placement, and his photos were very crisp and clear with great lighting and editing (something I found lacking in many others' portfolios). 

When I emailed him, his quotes were clear and reasonable, and he outlined everything in detail. 

I was modeling some outfits for a photo shoot in my house. Thankfully, Jason had a lot of great ideas for posing and I already knew the photos would turn out amazing! (I've done shoots with other photographers where I was given no direction and most of the photos came out awkward or meh).

I was very happy with the shoot and the photos I received. I would definitely work with Jason again, and recommend him to anyone needing quality photos!"

~Lili K.


"On time, professional, engaging and good"

~Craig C.



"Jason is so awesome. I honestly can't recommend him highly enough. He's very professional and his quality of work is PHENOMENAL! He really took the time to make sure the shots we got were what we wanted, which included sometimes redirecting me or my friend in the shoot, and sometimes changing the angle or the lighting that he himself was using. He has a great eye for getting the right shot (between camera angle, lens, lighting, and subject placement and position).

Basically, you can really tell that he loves what he's doing and want you to love being in front of his camera, too. The work he has represented here is very accurate of what his shots are like, and every time I've worked with him I've been so so happy with the results. I will definitely be working with him again!"

~Emma H.


“I have worked with Jason for just over five years and am so thankful for the many photo shoots and pictures he has done for me. Jason’s easygoing personality makes his clientele feel relaxed in front of the camera — an important part of why his models always look fantastic! The variation and breadth of Jason’s work should be self-evident, from weddings, to senior portraits, to cosplay, to commercial models, making him an eclectic blend of style that shows in every photo he takes. Add in his experience as a Graphic Designer and you have an impressive combination of creativity and technical prowess that not many possess. Jason is amazing and his pictures are one-of-a-kind. I consider myself lucky to have modeled for him over the years, and look forward to future collaboration.”

~Cole L.
“Jason makes you feel comfortable in any form of photography- I enjoyed the balance of professionalism and personality and felt very relaxed being photographed. Jason likes to hear your ideas, but will help you out when you are feeling stuck. I would definitely recommend them for any of your needs!” ~Mychal D.
” I have only worked with Jason DeSomer Photography for one group photoshoot so far but it was definitely a fun experience and the pictures turned out totally awesome. My costume was falling apart and I was feeling super conscious about that but Jason DeSomer Photography made it look good. TWO THUMBS UP, BEBEH.” ~Sahara S.
“So far I have only worked with Jason for one shoot. But it was a lot of fun and the photos turned out amazing!!! Your professional, and very nice.”

~Cristina Hikaru C.
I recently had a pin up photo shoot with Jason from Jason DeSomer Photography, he was extremely professional and created a very comfortable working environment. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I would work with him again in a heart beat! It was a very fun and enjoyable experience! For lack of a better word, Jason is an amazing photographer! He’s extremely creative and fun to work with! Jason is definitely at the top of my list, and I would highly recommend them to any one, any day!

~Whitney E.
“I recently had a photo shoot with Jason DeSomer Photography. i am no model nor a girly girl. This was my very first time in front of a camera. I was very nervous and just not feeling it. I almost backed out. Jason was very professional and very concerned about how i was feeling.
Jason went beyond and helped me pick out what to wear, and how to pose, very quickly he had me having fun and more comfortable with the camera and myself i recommend Jason to anybody, professional model or a camera shy girl like myself. Jason was so great to work with, i would love to do it again.”
~Kelly G.
“I’ve done my fair share of casual and cosplay modeling over the years, and Jason is by far one of my favorite photographers, both for the experience during the shoot and for the fabulous end result. He’s really chill. Like, I almost forget we’re shooting because it just feels like hanging out with my bro (with a nice camera). He’s super creative and adaptive, like, “Oh, you found some trash on the ground? Let’s incorporate this into the shot and HOLY SHIT AWESOME PICTURE.” I’m dead serious. You should work with this guy. All of your friends will be jealous of your sweet shots.”
~Cassandra L. “Ikuy”
“Really great at catching breakdancing pics! He has a great view of taking pics in action,still and overall in real life. the pictures always come out crisp and great and full of color! if your looking for great pictures Jason is your man!”

~Bradford Q.


"I had an amazing experience with Jason DeSomer. He demonstrates every quality I find excellent in a photographer. He's excited about his work and shows passion in every project he comes up against. From my personal experience, we worked together to try to emulate the particular characters I was cosplaying to try to get the perfect feel of the character. His skill with his medium of lighting and photography displayed the emotion each shoot was meant to show with an added flair of his creativity. He is incredibly versatile in his style in photography and Jason is a very personable photographer that makes you feel very comfortable in front the lense and is great at helping direct you to your desired angles. Overall, I loved everything about the shoot experience and I would highly recommend Jason DeSomer to anyone!"

~Carly R.


"Very professional and good rate for great looking photos. Easy to work with and friendly as well. Very satisfied and would recommend to anyone in the Portland area. Thanks Jason."

~Dan B.


"Working with Jason is a blast. He's super helpful and easy to talk to and communicate with. He's always looking for a way to to be helpful to you in anyway he can, be that pricing or location, or date. During shooting he's always helpful with coming up with shots or poses depending on what you're looking for. And the final shots are awesome! Very well edited and because he doesn't limit the number of shots, there's such a variety and no limits on what could happen. Definitely my best photoshoot experience!"

~Helaina C.